Beth Reeves


Professional Theatre
Springer Opera House

 by Natalia Temesgen

This is the true story of the extraordinary 6-year-old who helped shape history when she became the very first African-American sent to first grade in an all-white school - changing America forever. Set in New Orleans in 1960, Ruby eventually befriends students and teachers and lives out a faith that tells her to stand firm. Look at the world through Ruby’s eyes and discover the true promise of America.


An interview with Dr. Janet Bussey on integration in Columbus, Ga. Video courtesy of the Springer Opera House

written by Robert Harling
A beloved story of the enduring friendship of six eccentric small-town women who gather weekly at Truvy's Beauty Spot. They prove they are made of steel as they share their hopes, dreams, and tragedies.

Design Team
Scenic Designer  -  Matt Swindell
Costume and Wig Designer - Alex Allison
Light Designer - Katie Underwood
Properties Designer  - Patti Fenzell
Sound Designer - Julianne Slaton
Technical Director -Walter Pigford
Production Stage Manager - Rebecca Gossett


University Theatre

Columbus State University

written by Kristen Greenidge
 Annie and her friends enter into a life altering pact. When Annie tries to make good on her promise to her friends, she is forced to take a good look at the world that surrounds her. She befriends Malik, who promises a bright future, and Keera, whose evangelical leanings inspire Annie in a way her young parents have not been able to do. In the end Annie’s choices propel her onto an irreversible path in this story that combines wit, poetry, and hope.-Concord Theatricals

Design Team

Scenic Designers- Leigh Crumbley and Tim McGraw
Costume Designer- Steve Graver
Light Designer- Sulaiman As-Salaam
Properties Designer- Jenn Spradley
Sound Designer-Krystal Kennel
Technical Director-Sam Renner

Production Manager-Raven Triplett



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